D O N A T I O N S 

These are just some examples of areas in need of your support. For more information on priority funding within specific areas of the hospital contact us at (268) 484-2700
Donations to the areas which need it the most
One of the most beneficial gifts that you can give the Hospital is donations directed to areas in need. Donations are used by the Hospital to provide priority funding, sometimes at short notice, to vital areas of the Hospital which sometimes may not be well-known to the general public.
Hospital Units Hospital units are available for sponsorship and will offer sponsors valuable internal signage opportunities at the Hospital. These will be highly visible to the thousands of people such as medical staff, patients, their families and visitors from many different community groups.
Training Training is important to the hospital. It is crucial to the growth and development of any discipline. Patients are often able to survive serious illnesses due to increased medical expertise that through funding the hospital is able to offer.
Equipment Purchase of the most technologically advanced equipment is made possible through vital partnerships with the community helping us to provide care that is world class and to maintain our role as a leader in continually improving outcomes for patients.