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Welcome to MSJMC’s online bill payment portal!
Patients can now conveniently pay their finalized Hospital bills in the comfort of their home, on their mobile devices or virtually any secure area with access to an internet connection and a web browser.
Contact any of our helpful and friendly team members listed below, should you require any assistance!

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All payments are denoted in Eastern Caribbean Dollars 1 USD = 2.7169 XCD Total Price



Need support? Contact the following team members for assistance Monday – Thursday, 8am – 4:30pm and Friday, 8am – 3pm

  • Cozy Simon – 484-2785 ext 2286
  • Genella Walcott – 484-2785 ext 2253
  • Alrica Matthew – 484-2785 ext 2253
  • Shania James – 484-2757